Why? My passion for nutrition…

Growing up as an athlete in the sunshine state, my mother has always focused on the importance of nutrition, from proper hydration to a well rounded meal. Meal time, especially dinner, was very important. There was no TV, we did not answer the phone, we enjoyed each others company and engaged in family discussion.¬† My mother instilled nutrition’s relationship to living a healthy full life.

As a professional in the field of dietetics, I have taken these values with me and they are what lies as the backbone in my practice. I believe meals should both nourishing and a time to be social. It is not only the fuel, or food, we decide to put in our body that gives us energy but also the individuals that we share our meals with that is important. Although it was only the my mother and I growing up, we had dinner at the table together every night possible, given some nights were consumed by extracurricular activities or sports.

Today in my practice I instill the importance of taking things back to simplicity. Nutrition does not have to be a complicated collection of recipes with twenty plus ingredients and hours in the kitchen. We should eat the foods we like and not try to be anyone we are not. As we enjoy our wholesome meals, we should also try to share them with others. Studies have shown that laughter and smiling releases hormones that reduce stress which can cause weight gain and cardiovascular complications.

I live what I preach! I enjoy morning walks with my dog, coffee with friends on Sunday mornings, gardening in the local city garden with friends, taco nights with friends, and dinners with my mom. Nutrition is my passion and I look forward to sharing that with others.

RD garden pic



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